We want our clients to be treated respectfully, thoughtfully, and honestly in the Federal Marketplace. But above all, we want them to be successful.

Wayne Simpson, CFCM, CSCM

I formed FedBizAssist, L.L.C., to provide affordable Federal Marketplace assistance for business concerns by leveraging my nearly 38 years of experience as a federal executive, procurement professional and a demonstrative and successful business advocate with the United States Government.  Working with small businesses was the most enjoyable and rewarding time during my federal career.  FedBizAssist allows me continue this important work.

Small businesses are truly the engine which drives America’s economy, creating between two-thirds and three-quarters of all new jobs.  Throughout my federal career I realized most small businesses, even longtime government contractors, are generally out-gunned, out-resourced, and out-maneuvered when it comes to doing business with the federal government.  Some are even exploited in the Federal Marketplace.  Federal small business advocates in the various agencies can take a small business only but so far, as can Procurement Technical Assistance Centers and Small Business Development Centers.  Most often, the Federal Marketplace playing field is not a level one and small businesses can benefit from individualized attention customized to meet its specific needs.

Consider the government’s representative in contractual matters is the contracting officer.  Contracting officers are subject matter experts in their field, they are well-trained and sufficiently resourced by the government to do their jobs–fully supported by government attorneys who specialize solely in government contract law.  Make no mistake about it, government contract law is quite different than the uniform commercial code used in the private sector most businesses are accustomed too.  But the good news is there are many rights and remedies administratively available to government contractors in the course of contract performance, and to offerors in response to government solicitations.  FedBizAssist can assist you in considering your options.

As a general rule, government contracting officers are hardworking, dedicated, and well-intended individuals who seek to provide world-class customer service to their customers, frequently working extra hours without benefit of compensation.   Contracting officers’ customers include the various program managers and officials on whose behalf they provide contracting support.  Most of their customers are not nuanced in the federal acquisition process.  And just as all of us do from time-to-time, contracting officers make mistakes too.  Unfortunately, these mistakes can cost your business potential opportunities, and when made in the performance of a government contract, can even impact your costs.  All too often poor decisions are the result of contracting officers acquiescing to the demands of program officials and managers or their superiors all in the name of providing good customer service.

As odd is it may seem, contracting officers are actually required to protect the interests of the contractor, without waiving the rights of the government.  They walk a fine line and are essentially required to display neutral excellence in matters before them, not merely be a rubber stamp for government program officials and managers who often have competing interests or different agendas.  But as we all know, it’s hard to bite the hand that feeds you, and as a consequence, contracting officers, even unwittingly, can become part of the problem as they dig-in to defend and support poor decisions they made and executed at the behest of program managers and officials.  Fortunately, these contracting officers are a rarity.

Whether you are seeking to enter the Federal Marketplace, or currently have a government contract, the Federal Marketplace can be difficult to navigate for the uninitiated and even seasoned contractors.  Contract administration mistakes and performance issues can prove quite costly to companies; the federal government can be very unforgiving in contractual matters.  FedBizAssist offers an array of support services and works hard to level the playing field for its clients in the Federal Marketplace.  Do not let the government have the upper hand.

FedBizAssist is not a law firm; I’m not an attorney, nor do I play one on television.  Fact of the matter is most protests and other issues in dispute arising from government procurements and contract administration do not always require the expense of an attorney to resolve.  But to optimize chances for success and hopefully prevail in administrative matters, they do require a seasoned acquisition and procurement professional to ensure the playing field is level, someone who knows how the system works, someone who knows the ins-and-outs of the Federal Acquisition Regulation and agency supplementing/implementing regulations–someone who will move heaven and earth to level the playing field for you and help you go toe-to-toe with contracting officers when necessary.  The government certainly has these kinds of folks working on its behalf, why shouldn’t you?

FedBizAssist is based in the Raleigh/Durham area of North Carolina, and accredited by the Better Business Bureau of Eastern North Carolina.  FedBizAssist also maintains a presence in the Washington, DC, area, making its proximity to the Federal Marketplace ideal for serving our clients, especially when boots on the ground in the National Capital Region are needed.

We want our clients to be treated respectfully, thoughtfully, and honestly in the Federal Marketplace.  But above all, we want them to be successful.  To that end, if we can be of assistance to you with our support services, all you need do is call.  Best wishes to you for every success in the Federal Marketplace!

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Wayne Simpson, CFCM, CSCM